Fall of Hong Kong’s resistance camp: mass apprehensions in age of objections as well as national protection regulation

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Councillors apprehended by district

A total of 108 opposition district councillors – most of whom surrendered in advance of the federal government’s new oath-taking needs – have been detained, billed or fined for breaching social-distancing regulations given that winning political election in 2019. Among the 18 district councils, Central and also Western seems the most greatly hit, with nearly half – or 46.7 per cent – of its members dealing with arrest and prosecution. Sai Kung Area Council, the next hardest-hit, has one-third of its members in difficulty.

Councillor detained or charged
Councillor not apprehended or charged

General apprehensions as well as prosecutions

More than 10,000 individuals have been jailed over their functions in the 2019 anti-government protests, according to authorities numbers.

(Since April 30)

* Prosecuted for participating in a trouble, illegal assembly, wounding, typical assault, arson, criminal damage, attacking or blocking a policeman and possession of offending weapons.

National security regulation
Because the charge of the regulation on June 30 in 2014, 107 people – 88 men and also 19 women – aged between 15 and 79, have been jailed for allegedly devoting acts and also taking part in activities that jeopardized national security. Amongst them, 55 are resistance activists that joined the unofficial primary election last July.

Research study as well as information: Jeffie Lam
Added research: Nadia Lam
Additional images: Ka Kuen Lau
Innovative Director Darren Long

Resources: Report, Hong Kong Authorities

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